Even more excitement from Taptoe Delft

source tekst and picture : Delft op Zondag 21 February 2016

DELFT- “Taptoe Delft is a unique, big en magnificent event. Entrepreneurs should join hands more to make this event even bigger”, these are the words of the famous Delft inventor and entrepreneur Bernd Schneider, last Wednesday during a Taptoe-seminar.

Also Mayor Bas Verkerk and Jan Slagter from Omroep Max addressed the attendees. Bas Verkerk emphasized Delft’s pride of Taptoe Delft. Jan Slagter said that Taptoe Delft is also for Omroep Max a big success. The TVbroadcast of this event are viewed by more than a million people.
Bernd Schneider hopes that companies from Delft will embrace the event more . “For some of us ‘Taptoe’ is an old fashioned concept ” Schneider starts. “but if you look at the program and hear the unique pieces of music that are performed: that’s everything but old fashioned. Entrepreneurs should be more involved. Then we can make it an enormous event that will last for more than one and a half week and that will attract lots of visitors from Holland and even from abroad to the city of Delft”. He appeals to entrepeneurs from Delft to join and think together about great actions that will be of benefit to everyone in Delft. “interesting activities that will shake up Delft, or extraordinary special offers. That’s something we can only make happen if we do it together “.
Ed Hoogendijk, host and chairman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland for Delft, is also a big supporter of Taptoe Delft. ” a lot of companies like to invest in the city”, Hoogendijk says. “Taptoe Delft is a very interesting event and platform for entrepreneurs for organzizing all kinds of festivities. If you have ever been at Taptoe Delft, you know how great it is. Taptoe Delft can only take place with the help of volunteers and it deliver top quality entertainment. It gives a rural experience, and that is what we should embrace. I hope more and more entrepreneurs feel the same and join us to make it even more successful.”


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