Trompeter – Showcorps Leine Garde comes Tattoo Delft

Everything under one hat – this would be a good advertising slogan for this Show Orchestra from Germany.

Trompeter – Showcorps Leine Garde is characterized more than 50 years by its musical diversity , special uniform and choreography. They offer both classical concerts and street parades and show performances , in short Leine Guard is a versatile show orchestra.

In Germany, the corps a welcome guest at concerts , parades , music, parades and Tattoo ‘s . Internationally the band is working hard on the road and has already many successful performances provides inter alia in Denmark , Sweden , England, France , Luxembourg, Switzerland , and they will soon also be admired at Tattoo Delft.

Leine Guard is particularly honored that they are members of , the now internationally acclaimed , Tattoo Delft and looks forward to surprise the public on 9 and 10 September with their performances.

The theme of the show they are going to bring in Delft “Just Rock” a show with classic rock and rapid information exchange.

Want to be sure of a (covered) stand instead? Order quickly your card(s) at Ticket sales start March 1 a.s.


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