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Since 1996 Taptoe Delft is back in town as a very successfull ‘Civilian Taptoe’ and in the meantime has become one of the best Taptoe- events of the Netherlands. Various facets contribute to this, like national and international participants of great excellence, the historical market place of Delft as decor, special image- and lighteffects, the supreme quality of the sound, and each edition we bring the audience a show with a new topic.

The board of Stichting Taptoe Delft is responsible for policy, financial management, and internal and external communication.

The board takes care of the daily affairs concerning Stichting Taptoe Delft and looks after the performance of administrative decisions. The tasks are being distributed among the board members. The board exists of a maximum of 7 persons; the Executive Committee consists of the chairman, the secretary, and the paymaster. Projectmanagement is also a task of one of the boardmembers, who coordinates the lead of the several projectteams as well.

The boardmembers do not get paid for their work. De boardmembers are being nominated for a period of 4 years.

The projectmanager leads the Taptoe Delft Committee. The committee consists of teamleaders, these are individually responsible for the focus on:
– team Program
-team Public Relations and Communication
– team Streetparade
– team Technique
– team Back Office
– team Sales
– team Catering

The teamleaders perform the assigned duties within the  delegated power given by the projectmanager. Periodically they report about their tasks to the projectmanager.

The projectmanager is responsible  for the overall organisation of Taptoe Delft. The projectmanager is a member of the board, but not a part of the Executive Committee.  He or she reports to the full board and acts under responsibility of the board.
Integrity, in the broadest sense of the word, is a high priority of the board. This means that contradictions between personal (financial) interests and the membership of board need to be avoided. This also applies for the members of the Taptoe Committee. The costs that individual boardmembers have, will not be paid by Stichting Taptoe Delft, unless the management has decided on beforehand that these costs can be invoiced.
The board meets at least four times a year and as often as is considered desirable by the board. During the meeting policy always is the starting point to assess its progress. Besides this every boardmember can introduce meeting points.
The board and the Taptoe Committee meet as often as desirable.
The advisory committee was founded in 2013 to provide feedback, inspiration, opinions,  etcetera,  form a different perspective, expertise or vision. The advisory committee is not a formal part of the organization.  Every member of the advisory committee takes part in  the meetings  with the members of the board on a personal title.  Opinions are not binding. In principle the board and the advisory committee meet twice a year.
Stichting Taptoe Delft has set some goals in the coarse of the years. In April 2012 the Stichting realized one of their goals by the installation a Committee of Recommendation.
In the Townhall of Delft, ten prominent people, who are well-known within society, agreed to associate their name to Taptoe Delft by taking place in the Committee of Recommendation. Herewith they confirm to agree with the policy and the goals of Stichting Taptoe Delft.
We are proud to introduce to you these people, in alphabetic order:
Wij noemen graag, in alfabetische volgorde:
Dhr. A. Camijn, Directie Hampshire Hotel Delft-Centre
drs J. Smit, Commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Zuid-Holland
Dhr. Mr. T. van der Heijden, Advocaat
Dhr. T. v. Leeuwen, Projectleider Koninklijke Residentie gemeente Den Haag
Dhr. B.J.J.A. Schneider, Raad van commissarissen van International Innovation Company
Dhr. Dr. J.M. Schröder, Voormalig President-directeur Martinair Holland
Mw. W.C. Steffen-Hoogendoorn, Voormalig raadslid VVD / Bestuurslid Grotius College
Dhr. E. Turabaz, Manager International Sales Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Dhr. Mr. Drs. G.A.A. Verkerk, Burgemeester stad Delft
Dhr. H. Weyers, Voorzitter Ondernemersvereniging Binnenstad Delft
In 2010 Stichting Taptoe Delft joined the IATO, The International Association of Tattoo Organizers, an informal association of organizers of the most famous  and prestigious International Tattoos. Every year organizers of a high cultural level gather to exchange experiences,  to brainstorm and, last but not least, to get in contact with foreign bands and groups. An excellent opportunity  to put not only Taptoe Delft , but especially to put the city of Delft world-wide  on the map as city of taptoe .
StichtingTaptoe Delft is a cultural institution that is recognized by the Dutch Tax Office. Donations to Stichting Friends of StichtingTaptoe Delft are tax deductable. This can raise to a profit for you of about 40% to 50%. Bceause of this recognition the Stichting is a so called ANBI institution. ANBI means a charitable aiming institutions. Next to this, all relevant information for our participation is mentioned in the ANBI register.
More information can be found on this p

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Download here the policy of 2015-2018 (PDF)

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