Bakery Suikerbuik

Leon Korevaar (also known as Baker Suikerbuik) has a bakery in the neighbourhood Hippolytusbuurt in Delft together with his wife Mylene since November 2012. In a relatively short amount of time the bakery has become very popular for many inhabitants of Delft and for tourists to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a piece of pastry. You can also have lunch at the bakery or have an high tea with handmade products from the bakery. The bakery has a special area in the back where the kids can play while you enjoy yourself. On the partially covered terrace you can enjoy the sun and have a nice view of one of the most beautiful canals Delft has to offer you.

At Bakery Suikerbuik you can book different arrangements:

Visitors Lunch Taptoe Delft                        €12,50 p.p. (coffee/tea + lunch (free choice of the menu) + a sweet surprise

Special offer Taptoe Delft (hot snack)        €9,50 p.p. (soup + hot veal sausage roll or croquette made of veal)

Coffee / tea with Taptoe Delft pastry         €6,95 p.p. (coffee/ cappuccino / tea with a musical piece of pastry)

Taptoe Delft Tribune service package      €9,50 p.p. (bottled water, a box with savoury and sweet musical cookies to share)

Friday 7th of September 2018 
Bakker Suikerbuik

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Saturday 8th of September 2018 
Bakker Suikerbuik

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Sunday 9th of September 2018 
Bakker Suikerbuik

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Bakker Suikerbuik
Hippolytusbuurt 24
2611 HN Delft



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