Taptoe Delft goes black and white

DELFT – Drum and show fanfare Advendo from Sneek (The Netherlands) is once again present during our musical weekend in September. Their participation to the Taptoe Delft is always a beautiful spectacle and therefore the organization is pleased to see the public’s favourite parade around the show field once again.

Advendo is known for their progressive and innovative shows with surprising elements and moves while wearing their signature black and white uniforms. They also take a stand in never performing the same show twice and the perception of the public should go from perplexity to admiration.

Advendo’s reputation has led to a number of unique performances. In May 2017 they performed at the biggest trance show from Armin van Buuren and just recently they performed during the opening of the “Leeuwarden Culturele Hoofdstad 2018”.

They’re always in for something new, they’re challenging and their music is recognisable. If you spot these elements, you just know its Advendo Sneek performing. Curious what Advendo will bring to this year’s Taptoe Delft?

Taptoe Delft will take place at Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of September at the Markt in Delft. There are a total of three shows. Tickets are available for purchase from the 1st of March on the website www.taptoedelft.nl.