The “Gabbers” will warm up the crowd

DELFT – The Drumgabbers always guarantee a heavy musical note and because of their diversity in their repertoire, replenished with spontaneous humor and interaction they are the ideal party starters as a supporting opening act of the Taptoe Delft.

Their original goal was just to play at parties and festivities but now, 39 years later, the ”orange men” from Delft are a welcome guest at tons of acknowledged chapel festivals. Not just in Delft but also far over the city boundaries.

In 2017 the Drumgabbers won gold during the brass band festival “Bokk’n and Bloaz’n” in Losser (The Netherlands). And also at the start of this year at the “BoesCabaal Carnaval Festival” in Oldenzaal (The Netherlands).

Taptoe Delft will once again sound like “Kabbelgat” with these party starters from Delft. (During carnival season Delft is named Kabbelgat, it’s a Dutch tradition that cities have different names during the carnival season)

Make sure your on time at the “Delftse Markt”, where the tattoo takes place, because the Drumgabbers will rock you in your chairs, making sure you’re in the right mood for all the other amazing performances Taptoe Delft will have to offer.

Taptoe Delft takes place at Friday the 7th of September and Saturday the 8th of September at the Markt in Delft. Tickets are available via the website