In 2000 The 21st Grey Coats Batallion Fife and Drum Corps, or better known as The Grey Coats was founded. It is a tambour and pipe corps that’s inspired by the many historical musical city’s in New England, a region in the North-East of the United States of America.

They’re established in Basel Switzerland and their corps count 23 members, some who played in the very successful Top Secret Drum Corps. Quality is guaranteed!

With their traditional clothing and their repertoire existing from old folk music, they will bring back a piece of colonial tradition. This tradition is so popular that it has become a repeating act at the “Basler Fasnacht” also known as The Carnival of Basel, one of the top fifty festivities in Europe.

Impressive flute work, drums strung in ropes and artistic visual drumstick elements in combination with unprecedented precision marching, are the ingredients for an authentic historical experience at the Markt in Delft.

The organization of the Taptoe Delft is very excited to welcome this foreign corps as our guest in the tattoo!

With this special appearance Taptoe Delft will attract a lot of visitors, so if you want to be sure you have a seat (at the covered terrace), order your tickets now! You can buy tickets at or by telephone 0900-9203.