The Rijnmondband will roll the balls!

DELFT – With their show “La Balle Rouge” the Rijnmondband got a high score at the World Music Concourse in Kerkrade. The organization from the Taptoe Delft announces that the corps from Schiedam will make an appearance at the 11th edition of the Taptoe Delft.

The English style and tight exercise together with their uniform, make that the Rijnmondband is a unique appearance. But also the ease they’ve got to easily switch into a bigband like sound shows that the Rijnmondband is an innovative factor within the musical world.

You can tell from their diversity and creativity that the Rijnmondband is constantly trying to find the musical and show technical boundaries. The use of props during their shows has become an important aspect. In their new show, four big red balls, form the decor of an amazing spectacle in which the audience will be entertained from the beginning until the end.

Music from the highest level, complicated choreographies and surprising show elements are the main words to describe what to expect from the Rijnmondband.

The organization from the Taptoe Delft is impressed by the growth the band has made in the past few years and the many successes it gained because of it. Of course we couldn’t let the Rijnmondband slip through our hands, so they will be a part of the tattoo in THE musical weekend in September.

Taptoe Delft takes place at Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of September at the Markt in Delft. There are three shows in total. Order your tickets now at or by telephone 0900-9203.