DELFT – For years and years Delft enjoyed it at the tattoo playing at the Markt in Delft, but this year the sound of the trumpet will not just sound from the gallery of the church “de Nieuwe Kerk”. A recurring item at the program from the Taptoe Delft is the “special item”. During this item usually singing, dance and music receive special attention.

Unlike prior editions, in which these disciplines where abundantly present, the organization decided to select a music ensemble from no less than one hundred trumpeters for this year’s special item.

It might look similar to the theme presented in 2016, but Irma van der Kraaij, leader of the program of the tattoo, ensures you that this edition will be greater and more spectacular than in 2016. The advantage from the trumpeters is that you can make music up to the sixth decime, something that wasn’t possible for the Trombone- Choir, says Van der Kraaij. You create a totally different sound which in their place creates a different ambience and sound effects.

Rob Balfoort, arranger and tattoo conductor, will present himself as the musical initiator for this prestigious project. Trumpeters from different areas of the country will get together on Sunday the 24th of June and are being forged together under the inspiring leadership of Balfoort to become one of Holland’s greatest orchestras. Since the musicians are from different categories in age, it will be a challenge to form different groups, which will create an interactive battle. This will not only be experienced musically but will also be visibly shown at the tattoo terrain. It should be “eye candy” as well as “music to your ears” says Van der Kraaij.

Taptoe Delft will attract a great crowd with this special item, so if you want to be assured of a seat at the (roofed) grandstand order your ticket(s), starting at March the 1st, via or by phone via phone number 0900-9203.